ALVA’s Unique Resin Shade Material

ALVA’s unique resin shade material; the warmth and beauty of fabric with the durability of high-impact acrylic.

Perfect for healthcare applications, may be wiped down daily using diluted bleach. Perfect for multi family residential corridors, virtually indestructible. Perfect for hospitality, high traffic corridors.


Introducing ALVA's ILIA™ Luminaire

Introducing the ILIA surface luminaire from ALVA.

ILIA is an architectural scale interior luminaire. It is an excellent option for high-performance illumination of lobbies, atriums, dining halls, columns, and elevator lobbies.

The ILIA luminaire comes in three sizes. One basic form factor in three different lengths: 30, 45, and 60 inches. It can be vertically, horizontally, or ceiling mounted. ILIA is offered in a variety of durable resin shade patterns as well as white opal acrylic.

The ETL damp listed ILIA module leverages the flexibility of LED technology by featuring LEDs for the side of the module running at one half the power of the front LEDs.  They provide even illumination of the shade on the sides while consuming very little electricity.  The power is directed to exactly where our design team intended, thereby providing outstanding illumination while using the least amount of electricity possible.

The ILIA features ALVA’s standard dimming methods, which include 0-10V dimming, as well as LUMENSELECT™.

LumenSelect™ allows the specifier to customize their light levels in applications where traditional dimming solutions are not feasible such as corridors.  You simply turn the dial with screwdriver to set the light output. The power consumption decreases as well, allowing further energy savings.

The ILIA luminaire, elegant, timeless design, the very best in LED illumination. Join the LED revolution. Specify ALVA on your next project