ALVA Gets Historical at One Henry Adams

ALVA's Betty Wall Sconce Gets Historical at One Henry Adams. Historic name, modern design, ALVA adds elegance to One Henry Adams corridors. Resin shade material provides the look of fabric while being more robust than acrylic. ALVA's unique on-board 4 light level dial, LumenSelect™, lets you customize the light output of your corridors. Fully integrated emergency battery back-up available. ALVA's award winning Betty offers the industry's most energy-efficient commercial wall sconce.


Announcing ALVA's new EVA™ LED decorative surface luminaires

Introducing EVA, ALVA's fully sealed, high-performance LED surface luminaires for healthcare applications.

Fully sealed, resin shade. Perfectly lit using ALVA's proprietary LED module. Designed for healthcare and high traffic applications, may be wiped down daily with diluted bleach. EVA-12 for patient rooms and corridors. EVA-49 for over patient bed.


ALVA's Betty LED Wall Sconce goes Cutting Edge

ALVA's BETTY™ works across a wide variety of designs. The perfect solution for corridor lighting. Timeless design using robust resin shade material with fabric embedded in the resin. Best-in-Class LED module, module acts as a high-performance heat sink and provides 24/7/365 illumination for 20 plus years. Maintenance-free for decades. 10 year warranty, 20 year rated life time on all electronics. Customize output utilizing ALVA’s proprietary LUMENSELECT™ onboard dimming dial, standard. Fully integrated Battery Back-Up option available.

Introducing ALVA's Tess™

Architectural Scale, Wet-Listed Exterior Wall Sconce.

Large facades require large fixtures. Available up to 60” in length.

ALVA's Tess™ is designed to be maintenance free for over 20 years. 10 year warranty on all electronics.

Built to withstand harsh outdoor weather environments.

TESS™ is finished using a two coat process with a zinc undercoat for marine environments
followed with an industrial grade architectural finish designed for decades of harsh,
exterior usage.

Handcrafted out of heavy gauge aluminum in our California factory.

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Tex Lights up the San Francisco Night.

ALVA's exterior wall grazing fixture TEX on the Panoramic in San Francisco. Adding Breathtaking Design to your space. TEX grazes the wall and accentuates the TEXture. Provide exciting lighting to your space. Built to Last, 10 Year Warranty, designed to last decades outdoors. IP66 Rated, may be powerwashed at high pressure, allowing for easy cleaning.

You can light your corridors solely with ALVA's wall sconce.

You can light your corridors solely with ALVA's wall sconce. ALVA's high-output LED wall sconces illuminate entire corridors without secondary lighting such as recessed down lights. You can light a 50' corridor for under 30W using ALVA's award-winning, high-performance LED wall sconce. ALVA's Betty wall sconce produces over 1000 lumens delivered through the shade at 9.5W.  You elevate how your property looks and feels while minimizing energy consumption.

Multi-Family building uses ALVA’s Energy-Star certified Bob Wall Sconces

Multi-Family building uses ALVA's Energy-Star certified BOB™ Wall Sconces. LumenSelect Feature allows you to customize your light setting for your space. BOB™ consumes 75% less electricity than its fluorescent equivalent. BOB™ is available with fully integrated Battery Back-Up system. ALVA BOB™ is the perfect combination of LED performance and decorative light fixture.

ALVA’s Unique Resin Shade Material

ALVA’s unique resin shade material; the warmth and beauty of fabric with the durability of high-impact acrylic.

Perfect for healthcare applications, may be wiped down daily using diluted bleach. Perfect for multi family residential corridors, virtually indestructible. Perfect for hospitality, high traffic corridors.


ALVA Betty™ LED Wall Sconce at Ryland Mews Condominiums

Case Study: The ALVA Betty™ LED Wall Sconce at Ryland Mews Condominiums

Ryland Mews Condominiums replaced their inefficient fluorescent fixtures
with the ALVA Betty™ LED Wall Sconce

Changing to the ALVA Betty™ LED Wall Sconce resulted in:
- over 75% reduction in electricity
- 52 grams of mercury eliminated form the supply chain (1 gram of Mercury pollutes a 20 acre lake!)